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Getting Through an IRS Audit

Getting Through an IRS Audit

Let’s face it–taxes are not fun. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is one of the most disliked federal agencies because it collects money from taxpayers and enforces so many complex laws and requirements.1 Tax laws often leave people feeling confused and helpless if a tax issue arises. Hearing that you are the subject of a tax audit may be a particularly stressful situation.

The good news is that you do not have to face the audit process alone and, with the representation of an experienced IRS audit penalties attorney, you can make it through the audit process. An attorney can help you do the following to survive your audit:

  • Gather all of your necessary records
  • Review your tax returns for errors
  • Prepare you for the examination questions
  • Help you determine a settlement if needed
  • Help you limit the penalties you face for errors or underpayment

Overall, an attorney can provide peace of mind and guidance through this often intimidating process.

8300 Audits

One common type of audit is in specific reference to Form 83002 regarding large cash transactions. Cash transactions can look suspicious even if they were conducted and reported honestly, so the IRS often reviews Form 8300 closely. If the IRS believes that you did not properly provide a completed Form 8300 or that you are trying to conceal large cash transactions, you can definitely face an audit. You need an attorney who fully understands 8300 audits and who can provide a skilled defense and prove that you did not intentionally try to defraud the government in order to avoid large penalties.

Call an IRS Defense Attorney as Soon as Possible

Many people choose to talk to an accountant if they hear about an audit, but due to the potential legal implications and penalties, it is always wise to have an experienced tax attorney on your side. At the law firm of Attorneys Tax Relief, we focus on tax-related cases and have a thorough knowledge of the audit process. Please call today at (800) 261-6671 if you need assistance.