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Ten Years Behind on Your Taxes - What Should You Do?

Ten Years Behind on Your Taxes - What Should You Do?


Many people may think it is difficult to fall a decade behind on your taxes. However, having multiple years of returns pile up happens easier than you may believe. Many people fail to file one year’s return and then think they may be caught if they file the next year’s. In order to avoid drawing attention, they simply avoid filing taxes and then time can get away from them. After ten years, you may think that the IRS will put you behind bars or take your house if they find out. However, it is almost always best to consult with a tax defense lawyer who can help you handle your back taxes.

The first step is to properly prepare and file all of the returns that you missed.1 This can be daunting, as you will need to identify all deductions and income information from years ago. However, a tax attorney can help you through this process. It is best to file all of the missing returns rather than skip over a year or two. An attorney can also help you determine whether the IRS had filed a Substitute for Return (SFR).2 An SFR can have incorrect filing status or deductions and it is important to amend these.

You may be facing significant penalties for overdue taxes. However, a lawyer can help ease the burden in many ways, including:

  • Get penalties voided due to life circumstances, including mental illness, substance abuse problems, the death of a loved one, military service, or inadequate assistance from a tax professional.
  • Communicate with the IRS regarding your financial situation and the taxes owed.
  • Negotiate a payment arrangement or a lump sum settlement – whichever is best for your financial situation.

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Facing years of back taxes may seem frightening, but handling the matter will provide relief from the stress that has been plaguing you for years and from the fear of the IRS showing up at your doorstep. The team at Attorneys Tax Relief LLC will know the best way to proceed in handling your unpaid taxes and can help you reach a reasonable agreement with the IRS. Please call for a free tax consultation at (800) 261-6671today.