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Should I Talk to the IRS?

Should I Talk to the IRS?


In many cases, if your tax return is being questioned or audited, you will receive a request from an IRS agent or auditor for you to speak with them and answer questions. Often, an auditor wants the communications to take place in an in-person interview. The natural question you should have is: Should I talk to the IRS as they request?

Your Rights
You have the right to tell the IRS that you do not want to answer their questions. You also have the right to say you wish to hire an attorney to represent you in all IRS communications, including your interview. After you have retained a tax defense attorney to represent you, the IRS must send all of its communications through your attorney.

Many people fear that refusing to answer questions on their own and hiring an attorney will seem uncooperative and may even implicate them for some type of wrongdoing. However, it is important to realize that is always wise to have representation for many different reasons. First, meetings with the IRS are inherently stressful and intimidating. You will likely be nervous and will seem that way, even if you have nothing to hide.

In addition, many people are not familiar with the Tax Code or the audit process and therefore risk saying something incorrect. In this way, you actually may inadvertently say something that may be misinterpreted and may harm your cause. Having an attorney there can ensure that all questions are answered in the best way possible.

If You do Speak With an Agent
If you do find yourself speaking with an auditor, you should only answer the questions asked to the best of your knowledge. Never volunteer information or speculate about answers of which you are uncertain. In addition, never answer questions you do not understand. Tax matters can be extremely complex and if you do not understand a question, you may make a statement that is not exactly correct.

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