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Levels of Notice from the IRS

Levels of Notice from the IRS


If you have not filed your taxes in several years or have not submitted the necessary tax payments with your returns, you may be living in apprehension that that IRS will show up on your doorstep demanding payment or threatening to take legal action. While IRS agents come to homes in only the rarest of circumstances, it is entirely feasible that trouble can show up in your mailbox in the form of an IRS notice letter.

When you get a letter from the IRS, your instinct may be to tear it up or hide it without even opening the envelope. After all, you have ignored your taxes for years – why start addressing the issue now? The truth is that there are many reasons why you should not only open that letter but then call an experienced tax relief attorney as soon as possible. The following is some information regarding IRS letters and notices that you should not ignore.

LT18 – The IRS is notifying you that it has not received certain tax returns and you should either call to address the matter or file the returns.

LT161 – This is a warning that, since you have not replied to prior notices, the IRS may take collection actions.

LT11/Notice CP5042 These notify you that the IRS intends to levy your wages, bank accounts, or other property unless you immediately pay the amount past due by the deadline on the letter. You may also receive a “Final Notice” of the agency’s intent to levy your property.

Notice of Levy – You can receive one of several types of letters that the IRS has levied various property, such as your accounts or wages.

Letter from a “Special Agent” – If you receive any communications from a special agent instead of a revenue officer, it likely means you are under investigation for criminal tax evasion or related charges.

Do Not Wait to Call an Experienced IRS Tax Relief Lawyer to Discuss Your Situation

At Attorneys Tax Relief LLC, we understand that many people in the U.S. are living in fear of the IRS because of unpaid taxes and unfiled tax returns. Even if you have many years of unfiled returns, it is not too late to come to an arrangement with the IRS. There are several options including installment agreements and the Fresh Start Initiative that can help you pay your taxes on your own terms before the IRS comes knocking at your door. Call today for a free tax consultation at (800) 261-6671