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Avoid Frivolous Tax Arguments and Defenses

Avoid Frivolous Tax Arguments and Defenses

Many people have very strong opinions about taxes – usually, that they should not be expected to pay them. Some tax filers have intentionally failed to comply with federal tax laws enforced by the IRS and, in support, cite different arguments that they believe may justify their position. The IRS, on the other hand, has little tolerance for arguments that it deems “frivolous” regarding the nonpayment of taxes. In an annual publication, the agency sets out a number of frivolous arguments that it receives and subsequently rejects each year. The following is an overview of certain so-called frivolous tax arguments:

  • The IRS is not a legitimate agency of the United States and thus cannot regulate taxes;
  • Filing and payment of taxes is voluntary action on the part of U.S. citizens;
  • Taxpayers can file a “zero return” to decrease their tax liability;
  • If a taxpayer does not file a return, the IRS must do so for them;
  • Only foreign income is taxable;
  • You can refuse to pay taxes based on moral or religious reasons as protected by the First Amendment;
  • Under the tax code, “taxpayer” does not refer to citizen of the U.S.;
  • The 16th Amendment was not actually ratified, therefore tax laws are unconstitutional.

While the above may seem like creative legal arguments, the IRS has no patience for these as an attempt to not pay taxes or to defend against tax evasion charges. If you attempt to use a frivolous argument or defense, the IRS may impose fines of $5,000 or more, in addition to other criminal penalties for tax evasion or willfully filing a false return.

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If you believe that your tax bills are inaccurate or if you have been accused of tax evasion or related charges, making arguments on your own can end up hurting your case if the IRS deems them unacceptable. Instead, you should call to discuss your situation with a highly experienced IRS defense attorney who understands how to best argue your position and defend against wrongful accusations or tax bills. The team at Attorneys Tax Relief has helped many taxpayers across the U.S. face off against the IRS, so please call us today at (800) 261-6671 for assistance.