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Tax Fraud or Negligence?

Tax Fraud or Negligence?

Tax fraud is a serious federal crime and the IRS and prosecutors take tax fraud very seriously. However, in order to convict you of tax fraud, officials must prove that you intentionally and purposefully lied on your taxes to defraud the government. While many people make errors on their taxes, only a very small percentage of Americans are criminally convicted of intentional fraud according to IRS statistics.

One very important defense to tax fraud allegations is that the error on your returns was due to negligence and not due to intentional fraud. Some signs that your error was merely negligent include the following:

You did not overstate exemptions or deductions

  • You did not purposefully underreport income
  • You did not claim a dependent who did not exist
  • You did not falsify any documentation
  • You did not try to conceal income through unlawful transfers or accounts
  • You did not have two different sets of record books
  • You did not use any false personal information

If you can show that your error was negligent, you can still face a penalty for any underpayment of taxes that occurred. However, you will not face criminal charges or penalties for negligent or careless mistakes. The IRS knows that its laws are confusing and that mistakes can happen. In this situation, a skilled tax attorney can also help to limit your penalties or set up installment payments for you.

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If the IRS is alleging that you committed tax fraud or has launched an investigation, it is critical that you have a highly skilled tax fraud defense attorney who knows how to defend against such allegations. Tax fraud cases should always be taken extremely seriously and can be complicated. At Attorneys Tax Relief LLC, we understand how to prove that you made a negligent error and did not intentionally commit fraud on your taxes. There are effective defense strategies in these cases, so please call today at (800) 261-6671 for help.