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Call a Tax Defense Lawyer Immediately in These Three Situations

Call a Tax Defense Lawyer Immediately in These Three Situations


When you owe a debt to the IRS, you may wonder when the right time to call an experienced tax relief attorney may be. While an attorney can help you explore your options for handling your back taxes at any time, there are certain scenarios in which you should pick up the phone and consult with a tax defense attorney as soon as possible.

1. Offers in Compromise

If you do not have the ability to pay all of your tax debt, you may want to try to reach a settlement agreement for a lesser sum than you owe. These offers in compromise (OICs) are difficult to achieve, however, and it is critical to have the assistance of an attorney who knows how to present your case to the IRS and negotiate a reasonable settlement amount. While these settlements can be beneficial, it is very rare for the IRS to approve an OIC that was not prepared with the help of a tax attorney.

2. Audits

No one wants to get audited by the IRS, however, you may not realize the importance of your actions and responses during the audit process. Saying or doing the wrong thing can cast doubt that errors on your returns were honest mistakes. It is highly important to be represented by an attorney in any communications with IRS auditors or agents to avoid any suspicion of wrongdoing.

3. Tax Evasion Accusations

If the IRS is accusing you of tax evasion, you can face serious federal criminal charges. A conviction for tax evasion can mean hefty fines in addition to back taxes and possibly even a prison sentence. The IRS takes any tax evasion cases very seriously and so should you by hiring a tax defense attorney immediately.

Call a Chicago Tax Fraud Defense Lawyer as Soon as Possible

These are only three of many scenarios in which an experienced tax defense attorney can assist you. If you are having trouble with the IRS or want to discuss your options for tax debt relief, please call the office of Attorneys Tax Relief LLC at (800) 261-6671
for assistance.