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Did Your Accountant Cause You Tax Problems?

Did Your Accountant Cause You Tax Problems?

undefinedYou have always taken paying your taxes seriously, and that is why you called an accountant when you had questions about a certain tax issue. When the accountant gives you advice, you trust that it is in compliance with all relevant federal tax laws, so you follow the advice. Later, you are shocked to receive notice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that there was an error on your taxes and that you owe penalties and interest.

The truth is that even the most careful accountants can make mistakes like anyone else. Everyone can have a bad day or a slight misunderstanding of a certain aspect of his or her profession. Too often, those mistakes can cause liability for customers and clients.

The good news is that there are ways to seek relief from tax penalties if your penalty was the result of poor advice from your accountant. You cannot simply state this fact to the IRS and expect it will cancel your penalty, however. If you could do that, then everyone would try to use this excuse. Instead, an attorney can help you prove that your case meets certain criteria so that you can obtain a tax abatement.

To obtain an abatement, you must show that there was reasonable cause for your tax error based on a tax professional’s advice. To show such reasonable cause, you must at least prove the following:

  • The advice was from a qualified and competent tax professional
  • You gave them complete and accurate information
  • You relied on the advice when preparing and/or filing your taxes

Note that you can generally use this reason only one time. In addition, you cannot avoid penalties for claiming an accountant failed to file your return. This is because that responsibility rests with the taxpayer and cannot be transferred to an accountant.

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